We are the help you need!

Surprise parties are one of those great little joys in life. They’re not the easiest things to do, to be certain, but they are definitely some of the most fun. There are million things that can go wrong that can get you to the point where you have to pull the plug and abandon the attempt. Yet teaming up with the right people will allow you to pull it off without a hitch.

Here comes us. You leave all the hassle of the planning and organizing to us.

We promise you it will be worth every effort. At the moment of truth, seeing the expression on your victim’s face, recording it, uploading it on our website and sharing it, will make them feel how special they are.  

And we certainly want to plan big even for a small surprise party just to get a much louder yell out of more people “WAW Surprise”.

What do we do best?

We organise the most unique and unexpected events. Along with you, we will tailor-made an unforgettable surprise that will leave your “victim” with million stories to tell and only overwhelming emotions.

Everyone is a story-teller; maybe not every story is worth telling but we believe that everyone has a story, a memory, or a surprise worth sharing.

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